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Covering your belongings in case of loss or damage

Before the move, we ask you to specify how much your belongings are worth. This is in accordance with California state regulations which every licensed moving company must follow.

This will affect how much you can claim if anything is lost or damaged, and you will pay a valuation charge based on the amount you declare.

You can then choose between:

  • “Actual Cash Value” which covers items for up to their current value, taking into account their age and condition.

  • “Full Value Protection” which covers your belongings up to the cost of replacing them brand new from a store.  

  • You also have the option of stating that your belongings are worth no more than sixty cents per pound per article, which means that you are stating they have almost no real value.  There is no charge for this option, but it means you can claim very little in the event of a loss.

This last option is the level set by state regulations and is the basic coverage offered by all moving companies. Some companies might incorrectly describe it as “free insurance”, but that is very misleading because it limits liability for your belongings to a lot less than their probable actual value.   

If more than $50,000 valuation is needed, please let us know at least three working days before the moving date.

Any items with a value of more than 10% of your total valuation should be listed on the form “items of Special Value”. This will ensure that they are properly covered and alert us to items needing particular attention.

Keep in mind that whatever coverage you choose, it only changes how much the company is liable for, it does not change what it is liable for.

For example, if our customer has packed his or her own boxes, then we are not liable for damage within those boxes and this does not change whatever coverage you select.

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