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Local Moves in Southern California

We have been making moves easier for people in the Los Angeles area for over 35 years.

You are welcome to call 310-217-0558 with any questions or concerns, whether it be before, during or after the move.     

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We make our policies as simple as we can, and on this page we have attempted to explain everything clearly.


Our Service Area.   We serve most of Los Angeles, from Malibu and Woodland Hills in the west, Van Nuys and La Crescenta in the north, Arcadia and Alhambra in the east, down to Fullerton and Seal Beach in northern Orange County.


Our rates are the same all week. Please refer to How We Charge for more detailed information.


Start times.  We start the first move of the day at 8 am or soon after. If you want a later start, then it will be following another job and we cannot give you a definite starting time. The normal window we give for the start of the second job of the day is between 11 am and 5 pm.


Insurance.   We are covered by a large insurance policy and our employees are covered by worker’s comp insurance, but our liability for the cargo – the belongings which we are moving for you – is very limited, as set by California law. Please see the Valuation page for more details.


Packing small items in boxes.   We assume that all your small and/or fragile items are packed up and ready to go before the movers arrive. We do not usually carry packing materials on the trucks, so if you need us to provide some, please just let us know.

We also provide packing services, which are best done the day before the move.

Wardrobe boxes.   We provide wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. Their use is free of charge for that one day only. If you would like to keep them, you are welcome to buy them for the usual charge.


Our trucks.   Most of our trucks are 35 ft long with a 26 ft box. This is as large as a truck can be without being a tractor-trailer, which we find too cumbersome in built-up areas.

These trucks hold a load of approximately 10,000 lbs, which is roughly equivalent to the contents of a 1,400 sq ft home. If your home is larger than this then you may well need more than one truck.

We also have a smaller truck, which can be useful in parts of the city where access is difficult such as in the Hollywood Hills. It has a 15 ft box and is not as tall; its capacity is only about 1/3 of the capacity of the larger trucks.

Without our customers we would be nothing, so after the move we want you to feel glad you called us. If for any reason you are not happy at the end of the move, we want to hear about it, so please do not hesitate to call or send us an email so that we can do everything we can to set things straight.

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